A timeline based time tracker for Toggl and Harvest

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Currently is a simple app for the timer-challenged people of the world. It lives in your task bar and can be set to open once an hour to remind you to fill in your time, or open it when you are ready. Visually separate the timeline into segments and populate each block with your projects that are autofilled from Toggl or Harvest.

Monday, April 15th, 2019
Not Quite Ready
I thought this project was closer to launch, but after dogfooding it for awhile I realized that while it's nice to have the "quick time entry" UI timeline, its really annoying to not be able to edit a full day's timeline. Additionally users will want to go back and edit previous days as well, otherwise you have to go log in to Toggl/Harvest and do it there, which gets obnoxious quickly. Also considering a partial rewrite using Vue.js, I have a proof of concept worked out using it.